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Max Cooper: Egomodal (Traum)

Max Cooper has been cranking out solid EPs for years now, and Egomodal is no exception. It balances his various strengths over the span of 5 tracks (plus 3 remixes). The first two cuts are classic Max, a balance of lovely melody with buoyant movement. “Autumn Haze” is especially luscious in its combo of gentle pads and melody, all set to a crisp, refined rhythm kit. “Raw” is a really driving, melancholy dance track with a staggered kick and a handsome droning chord sequence as its refrain. From there Cooper throws a curveball, starting with the off-kilter vocal cut-ups of “Simplexity,” rocking a chunky half-beat groove that’s rife with busy details and effects. “Micron” rounds it out in typically luscious style, with undulating chords and vocal details that help it soar. As for the other mixes, Ripperton turns in a pretty great remix of “Autumn Haze,” punching up the groove a bit with syncopated claps and insistent synth stabs and pushing it out to over eleven minutes of quality dance music. I’ve never attempted to mix it into a set, but I can only imagine it’s daunting with that extended intro sequence, though on its own it’s fantastic listening. But the most stunning remix turn-out is from Rone; his take on “Simplexity” turns it from a cut-up oddball to a lush, coursing dancefloor track, melodic and gorgeous. The digital release is highly worth it, with 8 tracks worth of quality listening, in keeping with Max Cooper’s general sense of quality control and then some. Very good stuff!

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