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Claro Intelecto: Second Blood (Delsin)

This new EP from the talented producer Mark Stewart is worth it just for the A1, “Second Blood.” At first you might wonder if it’s playing back at the wrong speed, with a decidedly plodding tempo that is a good few beats slower than average. But its languid groove is at the heart of what makes it so special; it snakes along, taking its time, with gorgeous pads exalting it. He continues the slow groove trend on the flip, with “Heart” beginning with a handsome beatless intro, then slowly coming into focus with a muted kick as another lovely deep tech tune, ideal for late night listening. The final track, “Voyeurism,” is a little more typical, with a punchier kick and slightly faster tempo, probably the most immediately mixable and functional of the bunch. Despite the tempo curveball — one that totally works, mind you — it’s another solid entry in Stewart’s repertoire as Claro Intelecto. Highly recommended.

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