3 February 2012

Peroxida Mocha: “Port Angeles (Microfilm’s Dirty in the Disco Mix)” (Making Out With DJs, Donut Nook 2010)

This is the remix I did (as one half of Microfilm) for Portland electro-pop project Peroxide Mocha. It was a ton of fun to put an italo-disco twist on Pete and Rachel’s original. It’s available for FREE on Bandcamp as part of their Making Out With DJs album.

Learn more about Microfilm: microfilmmusic.com

Download the Peroxide Mocha remix album FREE from this link: http://peroxidemocha.bandcamp.com

Get the original album “Making Out With Strangers” on a CD from Donut Nook Records for $8! http://www.donutnook.com

Get more info on Peroxide Mocha here: http://www.peroxidemocha.com

Become a fan of Peroxide Mocha on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/peroxidemocha




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