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Locust: “Haze” + “Conversations Beyond the End of the Sky” (Wrong, Touch 2001)

When Mark Van Hoen released his final (?) album as Locust in 2001, he paired an album of songs with a separate disc of soundscapes and textures, nine tracks each, with track times identical. The intent was to play the second disc in a neighboring space, removed from the first disc slightly, to give it extra spatial depth. It’s a gimmick to be sure, and I never personally attempted it, always living in a single-stereo home.

Thankfully YouTube user 0perat0r remembered to try it out, and did it with the best and last song on the album, “Haze.”

Mark Van Hoen retired the Locust moniker after this album and returned to releasing instrumental music under his own name. I haven’t heard much of it, but after seeing him perform at Decibel in Seattle in 2010 I’ve been curious to check it out. His latest on Mego seems particularly interesting… perhaps a write-up is yet on the way.