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I’m very excited to introduce Tabletop, the new app from Retronyms on which I’ve been collaborating for a good while now. It’s a modular audio environment for the iPad that allows you to mix and match gear to create your own custom setup. It’s available starting today for the iPad, for a very reasonable $4.99 which includes over half the available devices. (The rest are each available separately as optional in-app purchases.) Buying the launch special will get you the app, a tone matrix, a touchpad sampler, a 2-octave keyboard, a turntable player, an 8-channel mixer, audio recorder (for recording your own samples as well as recording playback) and a low-pass filter effect. Last but not least is a block-sequencer which allows you to create linear songs and triggerable loops for jam sessions. It’s a really good deal, and I’m excited to be involved with this project.

I’ll be continuing to post tracks I’ve created, but I encourage readers with iPads to buy the app and make some cool stuff of their own, too. If you do, share it with me — I’m excited to hear what you make! Also, we’re continually working toward new features and devices, so send any suggestions you have my way or get in touch via the Retronyms site.

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