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Fluxion: Perfused (Echocord)

Buoyant and strident, the new collection of tracks from Konstantinos Soublis is another entry into his repertoire as a reliable producer of dubby techno. Many of these tracks are culled from a series of 12" singles and EPs he released over the last year or two. He continues the trajectory he started back in his days on Chain Reaction, each of these tracks embued with the same nod toward dub’s roots while pairing it with dancefloor utility most of the time. Opener “Horizons” is a good indication of what to expect, with delayed chords echoing horizontally while a minimal, repetitive bassline bobs the track along. The drum tracks are deep and subdued, providing a nice pulse without ever dominating the synth arrangements. At times tracks get a little punchier, though, such as the more insistent “Inflection” or the momentous “Elation,” one of my personal favorites. The only obvious crossover into more traditional dub territory is the mid-tempo centerpiece, “Wabbler,” which is driven primarily by repetitive organ chords and various reverb effects in the periphery. For whatever reason, it just comes off as monotonous to me compared to the rest of what’s already a fairly minimal album. It’s an exception, though, as the majority of Perfused is very nice. The sweet melancholy of “Inductance” is enough to merit a listen on its own, and the rest of the album follows closely behind. There’s enough momentum in most of these tracks to work on a dancefloor, but they sound best to me on a pair of nice headphones, deep and spacious.

Watch/listen: Inductance 

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