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Exillon: Mean Rich Mud EP (Detroit Underground)

San Francisco producer Jay Fields unveils another collection of tightly crafted electronic tracks under his Exillon moniker. The six tracks herein find Fields exploring the grey area between IDM, breaks, acid and dubstep with a high amount of finesse; he doesn’t leave a single detail untouched or uncared for. The result is something far more engaging than the average wobbly dubstep outing, each track filled with layers of sound that are as complex as they are varied. “Buzzkills” kicks it off, anchored with a slow dubstep drum track, but with acid-tinged synth sounds carrying the weight of the track mostly. “Paper Kites” hits a nice stride with its use of string samples and a noir melodic hook, but it’s clear that Fields true love is acid once “Hardwareacid” kicks into high gear. He still flirts with the slower dubstep break throughout the track, but when it goes into double-time, it all clicks together perfectly. “Puteracid,” on the other hand, moves more into IDM territory, with a decidedly more patient, melodic slant. “Popplerdad,” a track originally created for Retronyms’ promotional Outer Spaces EP — tracks made using the company’s DopplerPad iPhone touch instrument — fits in quite well, combining the bounce of acid with the slow snare of dubstep and the melodic swoon of IDM at its best. Top notch craftsmanship and a nice cross-section of electronic genres make this EP well worth a listen.

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