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Fax: Zig Zag (Static Discos)

Really joyous and gorgeous collection of upbeat techno-pop crossover tracks from Mexican producer Ruben Alonso Tamayo. He’s been pumping out quality music for some time now, but Zig Zag, his fifth full-length album, shines slightly brighter to me than the rest. He’s evolved his sound from warm glitchy techno to something more lush, organic and accessible. Zig Zag is at its heart a pop album, despite most of it being instrumental — it’s brimming with hooks and anthemic musical refrains significantly more than any of his backcatalogue. From the opening moments of “H.A.T.E.” it’s obvious that Tamayo has nailed the sweet spot between techy underground, unabashed pop and lush arrangements that can be a difficult crossroads to navigate. Zig Zag successfully fends off any presumptions that electronic music lacks a soul, because these tracks all brim with life. They’re vibrant, joyous and go for the heart as much as one’s feet. Note: When I saw Static Discos label owner Ejival speak at a panel at Seattle’s Decibel Festival, he mentioned that this album had barely sold (despite tons of illegal downloading). So I encourage anyone who’s curious or who enjoys it to support the label by paying for a download or CD… please help keep them alive!

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