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A Made Up Sound: Rear Window EP (Delsin)

Dave Huismans is probably better known under his dubstep moniker 2562, but with A Made Up Sound he allows himself to indulge the more four-to-the-floor sound of techno instead of the more typical broken beat found on his 2562 albums.┬áThis short and sweet EP pairs the title track with a remix, making it functional for either a straight up techno set or a more versatile crossover set. The original is straight-up techno with a jaunty descending chord sequence, swinging hihats, synth zaps, and a punchy kick. Dreamy pads lend it a nice softness despite its otherwise fairly unrelenting arrangement. The B-side is a remix that turns the original on its side and throws its sequencing out of whack, with the kick now providing a jerky groove and the chord stabs falling into the same more exaggerated syncopation. I can’t help but love the original more, where Huismans is unafraid to let it be the rousing techno burner that it wants to be, but both cuts are nice for different styles of mixing.

Listen/watch: Rear Window

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