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Datenzauber: Speicher 66 (Kompakt Extra 12")

Kompakt founder Wolfgang Voigt, known for a massive repertoire that’s spanned from sublime pulsing ambient electronica (Gas) to ultra-reductive minimal techno (Studio 1), from banging techno (Auftrieb) to acid (Wassermann), is still releasing new projects to fit the myriad approaches he has to dance music.

Datenzauber is one of his most recent outings and fits neatly amidst the highly functional and accessible Kompakt Speicher series. Upon first listen, I assumed the project was actually Jörg Burger (a.k.a. The Modernist) because of its clean, arpeggiated melodic grooves found on the B-side (“Datenzauber 1.2”). But the hip swing-time swagger of the A-side (“Datenzauber 1.1”) is unmistakably Voigt – crafted to near perfection, not a sound out of place. There’s no denying that his years of experience as a producer, DJ and label head have given him a master ear; these two tracks, as functional as they are, are perfectly executed. The A-side is especially satisfying when it unfolds beyond utility into something broader-reaching with its pads and electric piano patterns, a nice complement to the buoyant bob of the flip side.

Once again, Voigt has done it right.

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