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Porter Ricks: “Nautical Zone” (Biokinetics, Chain Reaction 1996)Surely one of the best dub techno albums of all time, kicked off with one of the best dub techno tracks of all time.(Source:

Aphex Twin: “Untitled (#22)” (Selected Ambient Works Volume II, Warp 1994)Probably the most harrowing of the bunch, this is a real highlight of Aphex Twin’s still awesome 1994 double ambient album.(Source:

Trus’me: “The Unexplained” (Planet 4, Prime Numbers 2016)Recently rediscovered this one from the Prime Numbers founder himself, on his fourth full-length… and what a bonus to discover this well done video companion to it!(Source:...

Federico Durand: “Lluvia de Estrellas” (La Niña Junco, 12k 2017)This absolutely stunning, shimmering delicacy is one of the finer ones I’ve heard from 12k in some time.(Source:

Everyday Loneliness: “N.W.” (Omissions: Reconsidered Elements 2007-11, Monorail Trespassing 2012)What gorgeous, woozy drones from this act I’m only just now discovering!(Source: