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Alacasa (Analogical Force)

Eising’s latest as Kettel is for Madrid-based Analogical Force, and
it showcases his many talents as a producer of jaunty, upbeat
instrumental IDM. He continues to draw comparisons to Plaid,
particularly in the spry melodies of “Alacasa” and “Ribcage,”
though several cuts also touch on dance music more overtly than I
might usually associate with either act.

[AF008] Kettel ‘Alacasa EP’ [2017] by Analogical Force

The title cut especially
sings, “Bootmens” dives even further into techno with a steady
4/4 rhythm section and acid patterns while it still retains his
signature knack for layering and harmony. Rolando Simmons turns in a
remix of the title track that defuses its angularity and instead
focuses on rapid fire beat repetition and effects. That gives it a
physical edge, but I prefer Kettel’s original for his bass and lead
syncopation, as near perfect as ever. For the uninitiated, fans of
Plaid and Aphex Twin will no doubt enjoy his top shelf flavor of
electronic grooves — recommended.

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