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Struiwigh: Lenticular (Central Processing Unit)

tracks of seductive, sleeker electro fare than I generally associate
with CPU, a label whose support and enthusiasm for braindance IDM has
filled a void left by Rephlex in their closure several years ago.
Compared to the more overt Aphex homage of CPU acts like Monolith or Missqulater, Nadia Struiwigh’s “Lenticular” feels more patient, a
little cooler, less immediate. I dig the spacious reverb of the cut’s
drum tracks, a thick syrup of reverb that tilts it toward chillwave.
That contrast between CPU braindance expectations and something more
chill, more leftfield, fits the title, with a different vibe
radiating depending on where you’re focusing your ears in the mix.

Lenticular by Nadia Struiwigh

“Trip In Fiction” backs it up as an even stronger track, in my
opinion, with its steadily building, mid-tempo groove of frosty synth
patterns, channeling early 80s John Carpenter in a similar way evoked
by contemporary artist Pye Corner Audio. It’s nice to hear another
side of the CPU label, without sacrificing any of their usual quality

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