3 February 2017

Ear Influxion’s Best of 2016

It’s been an unusual year for music for this particular listener. Despite dozens of genuinely interesting and rewarding albums and listening out there over the last year, my immersion in my own music production (having released a solo album and a Microfilm album, with the documentary score nearly ready to be released now as well) has had my music listening far more limited. And so my posts to this blog have become a bit more erratic, but the goal has always been about listening and writing about music for the sheer pleasure of it as a fellow musician and as a genuine music enthusiast. My favorites this year are a mixed bag, ranging from banging techno and visceral rhythm (Surgeon, JK Flesh) to gloomy leftfield pop (Trentemøller), from psychedelia (Legendary Pink Dots) and minimal ambient (Bruno Sanfilippo, Tepe Gawra). I’ve no doubt that 2017 has dozens of excellent albums and works to be heard, and I can hardly wait. (Albums covered in previous posts have links to read more)

  1. Surgeon: From Farthest Known Objects (Dynamic Tension)
  2. Cloudland Canyon: An Arabesque (Medical Records)
  3. Lakker: Struggle & Emerge (R&S)
  4. Trentemøller: Fixion (In My Room)*
  5. JK Flesh: Rise Above (Electric Deluxe)
  6. Junior Boys: Big Black Coat + Kiss Me All Night EP (City Slang)
  7. Bruno Sanfilippo: Piano Textures 4 (Bandcamp)
  8. Virginia: Fierce For The Night (Ostgut-Ton)
  9. Jessy Lanza: Oh No (Hyperdub)
  10. v/a: Kompakt Total 16 (Kompakt)
  11. Plaid: The Digging Remedy & On Other Hands (Warp)
  12. Legendary Pink Dots: Pages of Aquarius (Metropolis)
  13. C. Diab: No Perfect Wave (Injazero)
  14. Barker & Baumecker: Turns (Ostgut-Ton)
  15. Delta Funktionen: Wasteland (Delsin)
  16. Autechre: elseq 1-5 (Warp)
  17. HKE: Omnia (Ye Olde Spelling Bee)
  18. Ital Tek: Hollowed + Beyond Sight EP (Planet µ)
  19. Erik Levander: Halv (Full of Nothing)
  20. Tepe Gawra: A Rise In The Chalcolithic (Other Forms)
  21. SHXCXCHCXSH: SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (Avian)
  22. Sofus Forsberg: FM Volta (Mindwaves Music)



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