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Current Control: Of Oblivion Bubbles (Teknofonic)

With Of Oblivion Bubbles, David Ross Benson encourages listeners to tune out reality and explore the varied and expansive terrain of his musical world. The album starts off with the sycnopated swagger of “Under the Stars Tonight.” It’s a noteworthy departure from the drowsier sounds of his previous self-titled effort, instead moving at a good clip and with a more vibrant palette; to that end, “Staring Out” later reprises the rhythm section from the opener but ups the ante with a faster tempo and more of an electro twist. “Ripples in Time” continues this focus on rhythm, with contrasting ambient elements that might encourage comparisons to Lusine or vintage Biosphere or The Bionaut.

A similarly rolling groove can be found on “Seashell Sounds,” wherein CC’s knack for sublime textures and pads reveals itself more in the mix, or on “Well on the Way” which percolates with bulbous synths and a square lead. To complement its more rhythmic grooves, Of Oblivion Bubbles also has its share of purely ambient reprises and interludes, showcasing his ability to disassemble those productions into abstract, evocative atmospheres. A noteworthy standout is “For You (I Wanna Be a Remedy),” by far the most overtly pop-tinged of the bunch and the only track with a straightforward four-to-the-floor kick. Its steady bassline recalls vintage italo-disco, especially when paired with its chunky persistent snares. That it’s followed by an ambient reprise, eschewing rhythm and melody altogether for a prolonged, dreamy haze, emphasizes the twisting and turning of the album’s own sort of dream logic, oblivious to all else and instead immersing listeners in its own vibrant world of sound.

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