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19805. -_ 19905, (Avian)

first proper EP for Shifted’s Avian label steers pretty far clear of
the dancefloor, instead skimming off the surface of the rougher
techno terrain covered by other Avian acts to channel only its
essence. It sustains its pulse and texture but none of the immediacy
or punch. In this sense its various “PRTNs” (each track is named
“PRTN:__” and numbered in sequence) have an affinity to the
distilled abstractions of Sigha’s Techno Derivatives EP for the
label, but perhaps even an additional level removed from any
theoretical dancefloor origins. The opening track skitters about
nervously but feels more unpredictable compared to the off-kilter
7-step insistent pattern of the second cut. It has a vague sense of
urgency in its persistence and regularity.

The undulating delay of
“PRTN__003_.1” suggests inspiration from the dubby spaciousness
of vintage Basic Channel or Various Artists. Elsewhere the
proceedings are more severe, like the machine-like chirping of
“PRTN__001_.2” which recalls Pan Sonic at their most obtuse. It’s
the first of the three tracks that comprise the release’s second
half, and it’s the more severe complement to the front half,
eschewing any real ties to conventional techno and instead more fully
embracing arrhythmia and atmosphere. Fans of the nebulous outer
limits of minimal techno and rhythmic electronic music ought to take
a trip through Litüus’s strange atmospheres and anti-grooves for an
oddly compelling experience.

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