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PVS: The Fugitive (M_Rec)

Max_M’s M_Rec imprint has really taken flight since its inception a few years ago. When I picked up PVS’s latest I realized just how many records the label has published, and how behind I am! True to Max’s mission, the four tracks of The Fugitive are pure techno, taut and tense and muscular. “Arsenal” has all of the minimalism of a M_nus record but with a punchiness that is more immediate and aggressive. It’s all about the thick kick drum that anchors it, pummeling away for the duration.

The Ctrls remix is more aggressive yet with its undulating pattern of bleeps and digital grime scattered across the way, but my favorite is probably Max_M’s remix of the B-side, “Interstellar.”  All four cuts are lean and mean, well-suited for a banging techno set. Then again, if you’re anything like me, it will sound just as good to you on a good pair of headphones, feeling that kick from the inside out.

Buy it: Bandcamp