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Skeptical: Imperial EP (Exit)

“Imperial” hinges around a moody flute sample, but it’s the machine gun percussion of its uptempo breaks that makes it such a cool track. It has some of the cultural reverence of an act like Muslimgauze, but the emphasis on the beat is so dominant that it succeeds on a whole other level of physicality. Ashley Tindall has been in the game for some years now, and this latest release for Exit is solid. “Playground Chat Back” has a massive distorted bass that threatens to consume the whole track like a black hole, while “Instant Reflex” is bright and crisp, heavy on rims and dry hihats. Eventually it’s peppered with hand drums and bass stabs, with a variety of depths and effects on sounds making it almost disorienting in its disparate details.

“Delusions of Grandeur” shares the same massive wall of bass of “Playground Chat Back,” but it’s underpinned by a deep halfbeat that keeps threatening to throwdown into a double-time break but never does. It’s a cool and heady collection of visceral tracks that harken back to clinical drum & bass while indulging in some truly deep contemporary bass sounds.

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