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MMM: Jack7 (MMM)

Errorsmith and Fiedel reunite once more as MMM for this new two-track EP released on their own imprint. I’ve always been excited by each new MMM installment, because its creators tend to keep me on my toes with their unpredictability. While all of their records probably qualify as simply “weird,” they don’t necessarily sound all that similar, nor do they sound much at all like their respective creators’ solo works. These two tracks feel like nods to early Chicago jack nostalgia, but with a distinctly abstract edge.

“Jack7” features a drum track and a single twanging lead that changes only in voice, octave and reverb depth. The other track, “Syncro,” has an even drier drum track (gives me memories of my first Casio synth) and an ominous synth pattern looming overhead. The best thing about it is that about halfway through, its rhythm layers start to shift out of sync, giving it a disorienting feeling, the spins turned into dance music. Another keeper from these guys, always unique and inspiring.

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