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IZC: Zig-Zag (disko404)

“Zig-Zag” starts off straightforwardly enough, but it’s a much weirder track than one might initially give IZC credit. Its beat grows more jerky and erratic while its weird detuned synth bobs to and fro without any bassline, sort of a mutant techno that owes as much to the off-kilter tinkerings of Mark Fell as it does to the dancefloor. It’s almost like an improvised sketch more than a polished track, but it all works surprisingly well. “Strings 2129” has a staggered kick/clap combo that feels aligned with UK funky with a touch of halfbeat, but otherwise it feels like a slightly dark, slinky stripped down techno cut. “Quizzical” splits the difference between those sounds and more traditional, classic electro in its sonic palette, a sparse arrangement of pitched claps, low-end sub bass, techy blips and sawtooth stabs.

My favorite might be “Untitled,” the last of the four cuts. Its sparse arrangement, consisting primarily of syncopated hihats and deep sub bass booms and wobbly synth attack zaps and tuneless falls, is strangely compelling even after a more traditional rhythm section falls in place halfway through. There’s something just “off” about each of these cuts that makes it inherently lovable, like oddball studio outtakes or sketches that are imperfect and unique. Highly recommended for adventurous DJs or fans of leftfield dance music.

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