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Ipman: Persistent Dread / Signal Motion (Osiris Music)

Killer, dark bass music from up and comer Ipman. This is the first solo music I’ve heard from him, having enjoyed his collaborations with Killawatt. Both tracks here break the mold of dubstep and techno and instead settle somewhere; in this case, in contrast with his Tempa 12" earlier this year, I’d say it leans more toward techno than dub or dubstep, though he continues with a keen focus on massive low end. “Persistent Dread” lives up to its name with a relentless and claustrophobic rhythm section, arranged under squirmy, syncopated patterns.

“Signal Motion” juxtaposes a twitchy, scattered break against wobble bass and skittery rhythm flourishes to great effect, referencing cliches of a few genres but integrating them in a way that feels distinctly current.

His style is pretty grim, but I find it to be a really slick hybrid of all of the best elements of minimal techno, dubstep, and bass music. Recommended listening.

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