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Erdbeerschnitzel: Cushion EP (Delsin)

What an unusual trio of tracks from German producer Tim Keiling. The mood shifts pretty radically between tracks here, leading off with the smooth, filtered techy house of “Cushion.” Sampled flutes provide a dreamy refrain over dusty drum loops and glitchy accents, sounding like Boards of Canada decided to make a dancefloor anthem. But my favorite here is probably “Am Bossele,” the strangest dance track I’ve heard in some time. Snippets of vocals flit in and out of swirling synth arpeggios in such a way as to be almost completely disorienting. A big fat bassline wanders throughout, pinning the otherwise elusive arrangement to a thick, heavy bass kick. It recalls the punchiness of Akufen’s “Quebec Nightclub” era, but with Keiling’s own unique touch. What a contrast it is, then, from “Crossroads,” the third and final track. It shares “Am Bossele”’s dense kick drum, but plods away at a much slower tempo, suggesting something closer to Balearic disco in its smooth production, full of open-fifth synths and disembodied vocals. Oddly the three tracks work quite well to provide a broad journey in such a short amount of time. Cool stuff for fans of house music that strays left of center.

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