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Markus Enochson: “B” EP (Machinists)

This is a rather unassuming but fantastic trio of tracks from techno producer Enochson. “Bohoo” kicks it off and is the best of the series, with a hypnotic, unchanging bassline and steady groove that keeps it moving while a mono-lead is free to roam. In its repetition, it gives the illusion of minimalism, but its less predictable synth lead takes it far. “Boy” is tracky as well, with its title repeated again and again over a nice chunky tech house groove, but it pales next to “Bad Choice” which is a lot punchier and more engaging. Its metallic arpeggios work well over a crisp, bright drum track, especially when a drumkit comes in on the offbeat, rising to the surface furiously before filtering and decaying into the background. This tide of rhythm continues throughout the track, lending an unexpected drama that must sound absolutely massive on a big system. All three cuts are solid, but the contrast between the first and third cuts is wonderfully sharp.

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