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Free download: Microfilm: I Am Others

Happy to present this free compilation of various remixes we’ve done over the years as Microfilm. Most of these have been circulating as free downloads elsewhere, but we decided to collect them in one place.


  1. Radiohead – Nude (Microfilm Remix)
  2. Sarah Nixey – Silk Threads (Microfilm’s Unraveled Mix)
  3. Ladytron – Beauty*2 (Microfilm Remix)
  4. Stephen Vs. Stephen – The Difference Between Us (Microfilm’s High Contrast Mix)
  5. Peroxide Mocha – Port Angeles (Microfilm’s Dirty Mix)
  6. Roísín Murphy – Momma’s Place (Microfilm Remix)
  7. Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Microfilm Remix)
  8. Radiohead – Reckoner (Microfilm Remix)
  9. John Cage – 4’33 (Microfilm’s In a Cathedral remix)

Free download here