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Geiom: Glesprin EP (Frijsfo Beats)

Geiom continues on his oddball trajectory of beats, bass and breaks with this new addendum to his recent Black Screen full-length (which I’ve yet to hear myself, beyond clips — so much music, so little time and money!). I am really digging this more dancefloor-oriented trio of tracks, though. “Glesprin” is a dance between detailed, tweaked percussive sounds and a fat, bouncy bassline — the crisp, modulated snare/rimshot that punctuates every fourth beat is what seals it. “Ferrite Gaps” is even trackier, with hypnotic, repetitive phrases anchored by tightly wound drum tracks locked into a nice 4/4 groove. The last one is a collaboration with Hizatron, and I could tell without even seeing a credit on the track (the digital version doesn’t mention Hizatron). It has Hizatron’s signature production quirks and syncopated swing, paired with Geiom’s knack for beats and sounds — much more of a dancefloor throwdown than the other cuts, although all in all this EP is the most straightforward dancefloor-friendly collection I’ve heard yet from Geiom. Very slick stuff!

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