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v/a: Field 07 (Field)

Yet another entry into Field’s sterling techno compilation series, this time featuring the talent of Duplex, Conforce, ESHU, and Counterpart. I’m really digging Duplex’s almost industrial groove “Damn Dark Wind.” Its clattery percussion and syncopated hi-hats provide a nice complement to the airy pads and bobbing bassline that frame it. Better yet is Conforce’s seductive remix, which slows down the tempo a few beats and chills it out completely. All of the original’s rough edges are softened through a vaseline lens, living up to its “Before the Storm” subtitle. ESHU’s “For You” is deep and spacious, a nice low bass anchoring it with a broken beat groove. Its details are stark and clear, not one out of place and everything dripping in a handsome reverb. Counterpart’s “Implements” rounds it out with a hypnotic (or at least very repetitive) bleep sequence that grows more aggressive as it proceeds. It’s perhaps my least favorite, though entirely functional for mixing — it lacks the sleekness of the preceding tracks to quite fit in.

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