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Cardopusher: Goldo State EP (Iberian Records)

Luis Garbán has certainly come a long way since his early gabba/breakcore roots, and he’s been busy. Of all the various Cardopusher releases I’ve heard over the last year or so, this one still remains my favorite. It’s got the most personality and spirit, a strange fusion of dancefloor nostalgia, with a distinctly party vibe going on. It doesn’t fall in line with the UK bass music and 2-step trends that characterized his Loving U EP for Frijsfo Beats, but rather makes all sorts of gestures back toward freestyle, acid house and early 90s rave, without being full-on throwback. “Goldo” is infectious and irresistible — the goofy canned scratching and chintzy drum samples that comprise its rhythm section are good fun. The other two cuts follow suit – vaguely freestyle rhythm kits that feel just as current as they do nostalgic, goofy melodies, lots of little samples and details. For those interested in the nexus of current bass music, the retro-fascination with early 90s and late 80s dance music, and all assorted post-dubstep things, Goldo State is a really fun trio of tracks. This is a party I want to go to!

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