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Moritz Von Oswald Trio: Fetch (Honest Jon’s)

To label the majority of the Moritz Von Oswald Trio’s releases as “jazz” is perhaps wishful thinking… there is the improvisational, playful nature of jazz within, but the overall aesthetic is quite far from even the outermost limits of Miles Davis’s fusion era, for example. But with this release, the label seems somehow more appropriate. There is a groove here that seems appropriate given the various projects of the members of the project; Moritz Von Oswald is one half of legendary dub techno duo Maurizio, while Sasu Ripatti is perhaps best known for his projects Vladislav Delay and Luomo among others. Max Loderbauer is the guy behind Sun Electric, who is also no stranger to the beat. So when the bass kick / open hi-hat combo throws down in the beginning of “Club,” it somehow seems immensely satisfying — the three are no longer avoiding from their techno pasts. “Yangissa,” the last of the four tracks, has a nice rolling gallop of delay and decay on it. The sense of momentum that builds over the course of the album is nice, not sounding at all removed from their backcatalogue as a trio but also pushing ahead with a slightly speedier gait. For those interested in the leftfield and dub-inflected side of electronic music, Fetch certainly delivers with a nice sense of stride. (Note: The Amazon price for this cannot be beat!)

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