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Function: Obsessed (Echocord Colour)

Deep, seductive techno grooves from Function, perhaps best known as part of the Sandwell District crew. The original is gorgeous, a dark, buoyant, pulsing track full of washy pads, minimal bleeps and a stripped down rhythm section. It’s a highly repetitive track, but pretty much perfectly executed. Everything is just right, not a detail out of place. What then of the remixes that follow? Substance turns out an even more minimal treatment, focused around a bobbing sub-bassline and syncopated bleeps and stabs that kick up in distortion over time. It’s a tad more aggressive and lacks the lushness of the original but is no less well done. Scuba dons his vowel-less SCB alias for the final edit on the EP, cranking up the room reverb and revoicing the rhythm section to be punchier and more physical… he turns it into more of a late night warehouse track compared to the original which sounds perfectly at home on my headphones any given night of the week. Very nice stuff all around, another fine entry into the halls of minimal techno from all players involved.

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