16 July 2012

Matthew Mercer: “Backsliding”

This is a new one I made over the weekend. I’ve had a pretty severe creative block most of this year, so it feels good to break that with something fairly spontaneous. Perhaps I overthink what I expect or want of myself instead of just sitting down and letting it flow. I bought a house late last year, and that settling in, combined with a pretty full day job, rattled my mojo quite a bit.

I created this one in Reason, like most of my music. I upgraded to Reason 6.5 but didn’t install any rack extensions, so the upgrade isn’t of much significance yet. It’s basically one synth that I used to improvise, then I doubled it up and ran a bunch of automation on params and effects in a lower mix to do some odd and more subtle things to do the sound. There are also some field recordings used here, from freesound.org (a great resource for royalty-free and/or Creative Commons licensed sounds):

  1. Bee-Colony by Erdie
  2. CountryWintersideEvening02 by pcaeldries

I have long been considering making some generous field recordings of my own, but the urban summer sounds of lawn mowers, cars and screaming children aren’t what I had in mind for something that I only knew I wanted to feel like isolation.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. While I have a whole album of Microfilm music awaiting my attention, I suspect that ambient drones and improvisations are going to be what gets me out of my rut….




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