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Puresque: Leitmotiv (Tresor)

I think everyone has at least one old really good friend… Someone you feel so comfortable with and know so well that even if years go by between visits, it’s like you’ve never been apart when you reconnect. Tresor is one of those old friends to me, so to speak. When I first really dove into techno in the late 90s, Tresor was essential listening and learning. Like a Pavlovian response, my ears perked up at the mere sight of their iconic logo on every release, and only very occasionally was I not turned on by what I heard on each one, across the variety of styles and sounds they’ve perpetrated for so long now. I sort of forgot about them over the last few years, but I’ve come back around to them this year with a few really nice ones that have proven quite satisfying. I find myself struggling to put techno into words very well these days, and Leitmotiv is no exception. This is a pretty streamlined affair all around, quite slick and minimal without being boring or monotonous, and never particularly abrasive. Nothing too bangin’ to be found here, but rest assured there’s plenty to keep your head bobbing or your feet moving. “Spinnenwabe” was on the EP he released a while ago, and is still a highlight with its fat chunky synth stabs and insistent hihat patterns. Another favorite is “Grenzwolf” with its nine-minute stride, consistent but evolving form, along with “Saebelrasseln” and its tippy-tap syncopation and sound-the-alarm synth tones. Overall, though, it’s pretty consistent start to finish, a solid slab of techno from one of the genre’s label mainstays.

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