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Maeror Tri: “Myein” (Myein, ND 1995)

I picked up Maeror Tri’s oddly-packaged Myein promptly after its release in 1995 after reading a glowing review in an indie mag at the time. This was at the apex of my interest in leftfield noise and industrial fringe music, having dived in headfirst into the world of the Hafler Trio, Throbbing Gristle and company over the previous few years. Myein remains one of the most compelling ambient/experimental albums ever to me.

I backtracked through Maeror Tri’s catalogue after hearing Myein and found some good stuff, of course, but nothing that compares. Stefan Knappe and his bandmates went on to form Troum after this release, and while their music is also quite good, nothing ever struck me in the same way that Myein did. The YouTube poster describes this as “the best 48 minutes of your life,” and on the right day I’m inclined to agree.