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C.L.A.W.S.: Cave In (Discaire)

“Cave In” is a really handsome piece of late night techy house that continues to deliver as it evolves. I’m partial to the de-tuned synth melody that comes in about halfway through, anchored by an infectious low-mid chord that bends down over and over… it all comes together then with a really crisp, clear low-end drum pattern that gives the whole mix an added layer of punch. The “Night Dubbin” mix is more spacious, with some juicy reverb on the snare and an emphasis on the original’s chord stabs and drones. The melody is absent while overtones and drones play more of a significant role. It’s a healthy complement to the original, although I think I prefer the original for its immediacy. “Glass Monkey” tops it off with a dreamy groove brought on by trippy synth trails and fluttering pads… I love all the little details in the drum tracks, like the tiny pizzicato string sample that strikes on the offbeat or the strategic cowbell clangs peppered throughout. All three are decidedly deep and would probably feel best late or even later in the night, the perfect soundtrack to sweaty after-hours or a solitary late night drive.

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