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Conforce: Dystopian Elements EP (Delsin)

This 4-tracker from Dutch producer Boris Bunnik is a healthy cross-section of his approach to dubby, atmospheric techno. “Luminous” lives up to its name, a subtly radiant piece of buoyant techno, breathing in and out with each pulse of its damp kick. Things get more interesting from there; “Desolate Ground” is more abstract, missing the dancefloor element altogether and focusing on detached clicks, zips and whirs while airy pads float overhead. The remaining two tracks pick up where the first left off. Closer “Vacuum” is the most obvious complement to “Luminous,” which is fitting in title alone… its rhythm section is less immediate and crisp, while the more melodic and atmospheric elements rise to the foreground. “Lonely Run” has a nice fat bassline driving it, with a keen sense of space around it. It’s the brightest and most obvious of the bunch, but no less handsome as a result. Good stuff, a nice lead-in to his full-length album that followed. (I have a review of that on deck as well — so much music, so little time!)

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