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Jurek Przezdziecki: Biscuit Symphony (Definition Records)

This digital-only release from Polish producer Jurek (aka Jerzy) Przezdziecki is a handsome collection of well-crafted, bustling techno tracks. There is a heavy melodic slant to most of them, and nearly all of them are characterized by a heavy amount of swing groove, giving it a bit of added bounce. Sometimes the melodic elements get a bit much — the synth brass on “Lender Pitifully” is distracting, like a holdover from 80s italo cheeze, mixed too high. But mostly Jurek proves his melodic and syncopation chops throughout, especially on tracks like “Keys United” which sports some sharp arrangements. One thing it’s safe to say about Jurek’s productions is that they certainly aren’t sparse — he tends to have a “more is more” approach which can sometimes sound crowded, but usually it works in his favor. “Relationship Sunblock” is a case in point, with numerous bassline sounds and leads all interwoven to create a really intricately layered result. Sometimes there’s a bit more of a house flavor, like on “Sic Et Non” with its distorted electric piano lead and persistent bob, but generally this leans more on the techno side of things. Mostly it’s a hearty collection of grooves, varied enough in tempo to keep it interesting and with enough intricacy in the details to make this really engaging on headphones as much as it would be on a dancefloor.

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