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Pional: Last House on the Left (Permanent Vacation)

This is quite a handsome trio of tracks from Spanish producer Miguel Barros. None of them pushes the tempo too fast, each feeling quite comfortable in its own stride that would fit in rather neatly with a mid-tempo space disco set. My personal favorite is “Into a Trap,” an odd vocal track that pushes further into synth-pop territory, sounding not unlike a slightly discoified Teeel, taking what begins as a drowsy disco sound into a more delightful pop direction. Elsewhere “Where Eagles Dare” is a nice chunky house track, sounding like an amalgamation of all of the various 90s throwback along with a bit of the midtempo disco aesthetic. “Alabama Dice” is another nice one, with its sparkling melodic flair and looping vocal delay, bridging the gap between the trackiness of “Eagles” and the more epic pop of “Into a Trap.” Very very nice stuff, just as good for home consumption as on a dancefloor. I suspect that Barros is a talent to watch out for, and this EP is a solid confirmation.

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