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Objekt: Cactus / Porcupine (Hessle Audio)

Objekt’s combination of all things dubstep, house, techno and more has made him a bit of a hot commodity in the UK bass music scene. These two tracks don’t disappoint, with “Cactus” kicking things off in an appropriately prickly manner. Its wobbly bass and staggered beat suggest dubstep, but it flirts with open hihats and deep techno spaciousness that keep it from being quite so easily categorized and lend it better to mixing in a more varied set. I like that dubby Basic Channel chords lurk quietly behind all of the more immediate dubstep and breaks gestures, the sort of subtle detail that helps connect its disparate worlds. “Porcupine” is another prickly jam, this time much more of a dancefloor roller. It starts off with a fantastic mid-range break which slams into the full bass spectrum, its mechanical punchiness reminding me of late 90s breaks, with mean low-end synth that helps push it into the here and now. It’s a really hot mix of electro, breaks, techno and more — my personal favorite of the two.

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