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Robag Wruhme: Donnerkuppel (Kompakt)

Gabor Schablitzki’s last full-length as Robag Wruhme, released last year on DJ Koze’s Pampa imprint, was a deeply satisfying listen, moving further into acoustic sounds and leftfield house music than I’d ever heard before; it included several tracks that could still ostensibly function on a dancefloor, but the vibe was decidedly more intimate and introspective, with quiet, jazzy touches and subdued samples. Donnerkuppel more or less marks the first under this alias to appear on techno powerhouse Kompakt, despite Schablitzki’s other alias Wighnomy Brothers making several appearances in the past on the Kompakt Extra Speicher series. As one might expect, Donnerkuppel is far more immediate and dancefloor-friendly than his Thora Vukk album. The sound is more synthy, crisp and punchier for a big PA. The title track is the standout, with a lively, bright synth pattern that sounds like an anthem compared to the more understated themes of Thora Vukk, a really nice dose of optimism. “Wemmel” continues the trend with some spry touches of a swingy house beat, recalling an artist like Mr. Scruff with its little spinbacks and backwards zips. Its little mini-breakdowns and stutters give it a little more sense of fun than the A1, though both tracks radiate with warmth and friendliness. The closing track is a downtempo affair called “Polch Dutto,” a nice comedown from the combo that comprises the rest of the release. Though it’s slower, it seems to fit quite well with the others. Very nice stuff, nice to see that Herr Schablitzki is still quite adept at crafting tight dancefloor tracks in addition to the more lush and intimate sounds he’s released lately.

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