1 February 2012

:papercutz: “Do Outro Lado Do Espelho (Taylor Deupree Remix)” (Audiobulb, 2010)

(information reposted from YouTube)

This is the official vi­de­o­clip for the second single of :pa­per­cutz’s new album Do Outro Lado Do Es­pelho (Lylac Am­bient Reworks), a remix by Taylor Deupree, directed by Javier Devitt from Argentina.

Taylor Deupree has been a leading figure in the field of experimental music and has received much critical acclaim and recognition for his past musical projects including the techno and ambient sounds of Prototype 909, SETI, Human Mesh Dance, and Futique (1992-1996) and has many recording accomplishments and a substantial discography. For the past 6 years Deupree has focused his energy on his record label 12k, solo productions under his own name, working with a family of like-minded sound artists like Christopher Willits, Kenneth Kirschner, Stephan Mathieu, Richard Chartier and Ryuichi Sakamoto, and the furthering of his sound experiments that take influences from his passion for architecture and photography.

Original lyrics (translated):

“Time has stopped on this awaken side of my existence.
It’s unstable condition, was leaving me fragile… until now.

Outside, the (man-) fear reigns in every corner.
By magic, here I am Alice in a world of fantasy.

Ode to Innocence, here I remember everything I experienced in my youth… a world of fantasy!

(I thought so, that was what I wanted)

Was it really everything I wanted?”

“Taylor Deupree’s version of "Do outro lado do espelho” is powerfully affecting. The 12k head gives the original’s emotive vocal dimension ample room to flower, and fashions an intoxicating piano- and harp-oriented arrangment as a support for it.“ Textura

”…the highlight of the show is Taylor Deupree’s magical reweave of the title track, taking the focus away from the vocal to foreground the strings amidst beautifully dispersed electro-acoustic detailing.“ Boomkat

For more information about the album please visit:
audiobulb.com | papercutzed.com

Released by: Audiobulb Records
Release/catalogue number: AB029
Release date: May 24, 2010




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