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Pigface: “The Bushmaster” (Gub, Invisible 1990)

Pigface underwent a ridiculous amount of line-up changes in its constant state of flux, but Gub always seemed like the defining body of work for the project. Martin Atkins and Bill Rieflin drummed on nearly every track, and the whole album is a barrage of percussion with all other arrangements falling secondary. (Trent Reznor’s vocal on “Suck” plays support to the plodding rhythm section, with the song devoid of much else.) Pigface continued to evolve and got progressively more song-based and better-produced, but the rawness and primal sound of Gub will probably always be my personal favorite. En Esch’s vocal on “War Ich Nicht…” is also quite special. 🙂

This video is lifted from the Glitch video released in the mid 90s, thanks to a YouTube user. The lineup for the studio version is Atkins/Rieflin joined by Trent Reznor on loops and David Yow (Jesus Lizard) on vocals.