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Locked Groove: Rooted (Hotflush Recordings)

I really am particularly liking this nexus of house, garage, dubstep and deep techno from which Hotflush seems so adept at culling new tracks and artists. And what a handsome, deep rouser this one is, certainly leaning more into the house end of the spectrum. The A1 is super smooth, really gorgeous stuff. He kicks it up a notch into something punchier and more warehouse sounding on “Drowning,” also quite handsome despite its rougher edges. The punchiness of “Drowning” recalls the physical appeal of his contemporaries Blawan or Randomer, rough and immediate and not without some sweaty sonic sex appeal. “Change” is far more understated by comparison, with a vaguely underwater sound. It’s interrupted by a pitched-down voiceover about making music, something that feels somehow very 90s-throwback to me. It’s an interesting juxtaposition of sounds from track to track, each quite strident on its own and working to cover a fair amount of ground as a combination.

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