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Luke Abbott: Brazil (Border Community)

One of the better tracks from Abbott’s full-length album Holkhom Drones gets a blown-out EP treatment with several remixes and a bonus track. The “Slow Version” that leads off is a really fantastic dancefloor-ready mix, with a nice 4/floor kick and more regular meter. “Grumble” is a handsome B-side that has the same cyclical quality found on much of the full-length, almost hypnotic, with weird filters and distortion trickling through the mix. It self-destructs halfway through, only to pick right back with what could pass as Moroder 2011. The remixes from Gold Panda and Etienne Jaumet take the track in respectively different directions. Gold Panda’s is upbeat and elegant, all glimmering vibraphone and strings over a light dance beat, while Jaumet cashes in on the swagger of the original and turns out a synthy krautrock treatment. Still, Abbott’s original and own “Slow Version” are both the highlights here; everything else is a nice bonus.

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