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Jumberlack & The Cobra: I Want a Dog EP (FREE download!)

Charles Fenech of AngelTheory and I have been collaborating on cover versions under the name Jumberlack & The Cobra since our 2010 AngelTheory North American tour together. (The name is an inside joke that I won’t even attempt to explain)

Our first EP was a cover of LaTour’s ridiculous and lovable safe-sex anthem “People Are Still Having Sex,” and our newest endeavor is a cover of Pet Shop Boys’ classic “I Want a Dog.” An acid house version can be found on their Introspective LP, but I prefer the bossa nova electronic ballad they did of it as a B-side, available on the Alternative comp. My (Cobra) cover is most loyal to that version. This is the first time I’ve released anything with me actually really singing, or at least trying. 🙂

Charles (Jumberlack) turned out a nice, more driving treatment, with an alternate vocal that works better with his arrangement. Parralox was kind enough to contribute a really slick, deep tech house remix to round it out.

So there you have it, three very different versions of one of our old favorites. We hope it’s as much fun for you as it was for us to make! Free download at SoundCloud!