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Exaltics: They Arrive (Crème Organization)

What an odd collection of tracks this one is… Exaltics serve up six scattered tracks that cover broad terrain. On the one hand, they deliver “One Circle,” such a sweet revival of 90s Artificial Intelligence-era Warp dance music (with a tinge of old school rave thrown in), but elsewhere they take it to a much darker and more esoteric place. That “One Circle” is number five out of six catches me off guard nearly every time, especially considering it falling after the dirty eletro of “The Wrong Direction” and the reverberated pops and clicks of “It Takes Place.” There’s a nice cinematic quality to some of the shorter tracks, like the rolling fog of “A Strange World Between” or the ominous creep of opener “See It Through.” The juxtaposition of these moodier elements against the punchier, more dancefloor-ready title track and the slick melodic sensibility of “One Circle” makes it a startlingly diverse EP, nicely covering several of the sounds Crème and Bunker (its parent label) are known for.

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