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Paul Rose may perhaps best be known as Scuba, but as SCB he drops the vowels and serves up a hearty slab of deep, warehouse techno each time. This third outing for his own imprint (and fourth under the name altogether) is the funkiest one I’ve heard from him, with its A-side “Mace” led by a bouncing bassline that’s way more spirited than the darker tracks that have preceded it. It’s the most flirtatious he’s gotten with house music under the moniker, and it works to his advantage here. The flipside, “Overlay,” is a darker, more physical track with some nice percussion stabs and a nice sense of spatial design. In the more streamlined passage halfway through the track, there are drum samples sounding far back in space as well as scattered horizontally through the stereo spectrum, the result of which is a really handsome three-dimensional listening experience. It’s perhaps the more expected of the two cuts, but the combination shows some added flexibility for what’s traditionally been a pretty focused project.

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