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Loops Haunt: Ark EP (Black Acre)

What a pleasant surprise on this one from Scottish producer Scott Gordan, whose Loops Haunt project is new to me. He has a couple other EPs under his belt, which I might investigate later since I dig these three short tracks quite a lot. Their frenetic, arped arrangements reside in the intersection between the cacophonous dubstep-inspired anthems of Glitch Mob, the more esoteric, error-music side of IDM, and spacey ambient excursions. Gordan’s unafraid to turn up the digital distortion and let effects run rampant, with crashing waves of percussion and low-end mangling the mix at times. But these redlined patches don’t do a disservice to his aesthetic, but rather reinforce it. It has the same cacophonous sense of joy that you’ll find in the majority of Flying Lotus’s more recent releases, but without the free jazz associations or quite so obvious a hip hop slant. Instead Gordan’s sound feels more celestial and mobile, like a series of rockets soaring any which way through the sky.

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Loops Haunt – Ark by Black Acre Records