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Conrad Schnitzler & Borngräber & Strüver: Con-Struct (M=minimal)

Conrad Schnitzler’s legacy runs far and wide, having studied with Joseph Beuys and been involved with the early German electronic music scene. He helped launch Tangerine Dream’s successful career only to shortly therafter abandon the group to form Kluster with Roedelius and Moebius. After that, Schnitzler left (they remained a duo as Cluster) and he focused on music on his own terms as a solo artist, collaborating with others as he saw fit. Con-Struct is the result of minimal duo Borngräber & Strüver culling through Schnitzler’s vast archives of material and curating 8 “Con-Struct"ions that are less remixes and more assemblages done in earnest. Schnitzler was an innovator in the truest sense, so most of his synthesis experiments and abstractions sound just as relevant and fresh today as ever, especially given the resurgence in synth music over the last several years. True to B&S’s reputation for minimalism (not to mention the name of the label), this is pretty abstract stuff, patient and spacious without being dull or overly repetitive. The archival nature of the records, going back as far as perhaps forty years, gives this a timeless quality. That the duo mixed and produced the final results on entirely analogue equipment is nice as well, doing their best to honor Schnitzler’s original ideas and sounds. Languid, amorphous and seductive, it’s a nice homage to Schnitzler’s legacy after his recent death.

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conrad schnitzler + borngraber & struver – con-struct (album preview) by experimedia