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Sam Walton: Walton EP (Hyperdub)

Sam Walton’s debut for the esteemed Hyperdub imprint dives headlong into the bleep-synth post-dubstep hybrid of artists like Zomby with four tracks of bouncy, synthy fun with “Aggy,” a kooky sprawling number. Elsewhere he reins it in a bit tighter, such as on the tightly wound “Mangled Riddim” which recalls some of the oddly percussive pitched sounds of Egyptrixx alongside its steady chunky groove. He smoothes out the rough edges even more with “808 Vybzin” which is, as its name implies, a slick 808-based track, crossing over from Detroit techno to electro in a throwback sort of way. “Skrilla” brings it back to the more manic style of the opener, with a nice four-to-the-floor party vibe, carried by a weird phased bassline.

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HDB053 – WALTON – WALTON EP – OUT NOW by Walton.