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Skudge: First Observation (Echocord)

Smokin’ hot 12" from deep techno duo Skudge… the A-side “Surplus” is a physical roller with a strong kick and scratchy percussive stabs. It doesn’t really let up for the duration, with staggered claps and insistent hihats, throbbing for 7+ minutes. “Void” is more airtight, lacking the syncopated swagger of the A-side but nailing the more regimented metered sound with persistent chords, never deviating from its simple single bar pattern but adding to it progressively. Conforce’s murky take on “Void” pulses and swells with the sort of bulbous sound that characterized much of Drexciya’s later material, all obscured through odd filters and effects. It’s way less immediate than the original, a nice alternative but not as functional or as compelling for a dancefloor. The two originals are really where it’s at — probably one of my favorite techno records of the year.

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