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George FitzGerald: Fernweh / Hearts (ManMakeMusic)

Reliably smoldering up-tempo garage workout from George FitzGerald, serving up two tracks that are both warm and seductive yet lively and spry. “Fernweh” combines urgent chords with a rollicking rhythm kit and melancholy pads and vocal samples, resulting in something that could be a reflective companion to Lando Kal’s burner from earlier in the summer, “Further.” The second track follows suit with an insistent staggered kick drum and smooth pads. It hits with a bit less impact than the A track, but it’s solid nonetheless. Both tracks are DJ-friendly as well as nice for at-home listening, continuing the fusion of garage and post-dubstep rhythm in rousing ways.

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MMAKEM001 – Fernweh / Hearts – George FitzGerald (clips) by ManMakeMusic